Dear Neptunus Team,

I bought my first Neptunus in 1990 because I found the quality of the boat was far better than other boats I owned and looked at during the Toronto Boatshow.

I remember looking under the decks and the inside cabinets and found the underside areas where people don't normally look, completely finished or gel coated. Even the metal work and hand rails are heavy duty. 

I owned over a period of 27 years 5 Neptunus vessels. It first started with the 46 foot Neptunus upgraded a few years later to a 51 foot, then a 56 footer, then a 62 footer and finally  the 2015  72 foot motor yacht which I still own.

We have travelled around the Great Lakes and down the Eastern seaboard to Key West Florida. The 725 Neptunus quietly cruises easily at 26  knots on long runs.

I find the 725 Neptunus is a sturdy vessel that can handle rough seas and is very responsive in close quarters. 

I also find that many other vessels can’t compare to the quality of the interior wood work of our Neptunus. 

Everywhere we've travelled we find the Neptunus is an eye catcher. Many people comment on how good the vessel looks.

I've travelled extensively with our 725 Skylounge during the past  five years with as many as 15 persons on board for day trips and all find it a very spacious and comfortable vessel to travel on. 

Neptunus 725 Skylounge Owner, Fifth Neptunus, Lake Huron, Georgian Bay, North Channel