Dear Team Neptunus,

We purchased a used Neptunus Motor Yacht almost seven years ago with 500 hours on the engines. While that was definitely a fine vessel, it pales when compared to the new one we just had built. The new one is stronger (class A hull), more powerful (more horsepower), smoother (with a sea keeper stabilizer), and has a vastly superior, roomier, and far more practical interior. 

The best decision we ever made while building a new yacht was to build this vessel at Neptunus Yachts. What a joy to watch your new boat take shape. To be able to select everything that you want, make changes to suit your needs, and work with the designers and engineers to get exactly what you desire. 

The management and staff bent over backwards to ensure that we had the best experience possible and we are happy with the end result. If you ever wanted to build your own new Yacht, Neptunus Yachts is the place to do it. It is located only a one hour flight from where we live and having the ability to visit the factory while she was built is priceless. Building your own new boat at Neptunus Yachts is a memorable and rewarding experience.

If you are considering buying a used vessel, make sure it is from Neptunus Yachts. You will receive the same level of service and care as if you purchased it new. We know, we now own our second Neptunus Yacht, new, while one of our good friends is on his fourth.

At Neptunus Yachts, the craftsman produce a fit and finish that is superb. Hard to believe that such a small, semi-custom manufacturer can build such a top quality product.

Owners of a 2019 Neptunus 650 Flybridge

North East and South Florida