Buying a CE Category A boat was a first for us. There are numerous safety systems to ensure the safe operation of the vessel. But, the people at Neptunus took all the time we needed to learn the important operating systems on board and how to maintain them with confidence.

We we’re impressed with the build process of our new boat. We were invited to visit the manufacturing plant as often as we could to see the construction details behind the beautiful finishes on the boat. To ask questions and really be involved in the customization and selection of materials that would truly make this boat ours. And, we really appreciated the help people at Neptunus provided when we were undecided about certain colour and fabric choices, and needed an experienced eye to guide us on making the right choices. 

The people at Neptunus listened when we wanted a certain colour of floor finish, which they hadn’t used before and didn’t have samples to allow us to choose from. At first they thought our choice was unusual, but after getting the flooring manufacturer to provide several customized finishes for our review and selection, they jumped on board with our choice and really made it work well in the overall decor of the interior.

Some people thought we were crazy for wanting to move up to a 65’ boat from a 45’ boat. But after experiencing a life changing event my wife and I decided that we were no longer going to “settle” for anything less than our dream boat. Although intimidating at first, the patient folks at Neptunus quickly had us handling our new yacht with the confidence of a seasoned captain.

We have owned single engine, twin engine, straight shaft, I/O’s and Zeus pod equipped boats, but the Yacht Controller System that Neptunus installed on our new 65’ express, is the only system we would ever install on a boat again. It makes handling the boat in close quarter marinas, locks or anywhere that slow maneuvering is necessary, a dream. People are amazed at how easily and precisely we can control the vessel even with wind and current conditions you would otherwise avoid.

We love the look of our new 65’ Express. Everywhere we go, people simply love the design and want to know what the make is. It is a definite show stopper. Driving our 65’ Express is a true pleasure. Especially at cruising speeds (which is a remarkable 25-26 knots). It just plows through waves, but with only the sound of rushing water. There is no “pounding” or “banging” like we have experienced in other boats we have owned. 

We have been living on board our boat for the last 4 months. The comfort is just like home, but the scenery even better. The systems and creature comforts aboard are truly first class, and make the boating experience everything it should be.

Whether you need a replacement part or just some advice, the personal attention to customers’ needs seems ever present from those at Neptunus. You’re treated as an important client and not just someone to be passed off from department to department - I think that is an important distinguishing advantage of dealing with a smaller hands-on builder.

Neptunus 650 Express Owners, Lake Ontario and Great Loop