Neptunus Yachts

8 Keefer Rd

St Catharines, Ontario

L2M 7N9

Dear Jan Willem, as you well know, this is our third Neptunus my wife and I purchased, the first two Neptunus’s we purchased were used and although very nice, we wanted to build a custom yacht, just for us and my family. Prior to us starting the negotiation process we had a wish list of what features the new Neptunus should have to make her comfortable for long periods of time and extended cruising. In the summer we dock our boat in the Chesapeake Bay and in the winter she berths at Marco Island. We use the boat almost every weekend during the summer and for a few weeks at the time while she is down south.

One of the main criteria for us was a comfortable master cabin, large en-suite with lots of hanging lockers and drawer storage as well as a properly equipped galley with oven, compactor and good refrigeration. The living area must have an “open concept” feeling with contemporary finishes.  I wanted to have a large walk in engine compartment with easy access to filters and equipment as well as high end performance and good navigation electronics. This included a minimum of 27 knot cruise at 80% engine load so I can pass my friend who owns a SeaRay L 650.

We have operated the vessel for over two years, have put in excess of 450 running hours on her and we are delighted with the design, the lay-out, the performance, quality, factory support and seakeeping ability to name a few. You have delivered a master piece to us and where ever we go we get compliments on the design.  When we purchased the vessel, you made us aware that the new Neptunus vessels are built to the highest yacht building std, including the CE category “A” designation. Although I don’t understand all the ins and outs of the CE Category A standard I do appreciate the solid feel, redundant safety systems, sound level insulation and lack of “hull” squeaking.  We have had the vessel out in very rough conditions and knowing she is built for those conditions creates a comfortable and protected feeling.

In short we couldn’t be more pleased with the vessel and will gladly be one of your references for future clients.

Kind Regards,

Neptunus 650 Express Owners, Chesapeake Bay and Florida (West Coast)