November 25, 2018

Dear Team Neptunus,

In 2000/2001 we commissioned Neptunus Yachts to build us a 56 Express Hardtop, the Yacht of your dreams. We owned a SeaRay prior and our wish was to build a yacht, specifically for me and my wife. Neptunus’s ability to customize, their high build quality, close proximity and vessel performance were the deciding factors for us. Our weekly visits allowed us to be part of the build process, and to get to know the craftsman that made it all happen. We asked Jan Willem to make many modifications which were executed without resistance and reasonable charges. We owned the vessel for 17 years, mainly cruising the Great lakes area and we always had access to Neptunus for service. To end this perfect relationship with Neptunus Yachts, I asked Jan Willem de Jong to find a Buyer for my vessel and within 6 months a Purchaser was found, the deal was made and the same professionalism and ethics that was evident during the build carried forward and we concluded selling our boat to a happy new owner.

Enclosed is a picture of one of our favorite anchoring spots in Georgian Bay.

Neptunus, thank you for many amazing and wonderful years on the water. 

Neptunus 56 Express Owners, Georgian Bay & North Channel