"Being an owner of many boats and including the operation of a 45-slip marina, I do think I am qualified to discuss boats. I met Jan from Neptunus and after visiting the Neptunus plant where I could watch the construction of the boats, I then realized the quality of Neptunus yachts. Immediately, I decided my next yacht would be a Neptunus, which I have used for many years boating around Florida and the Bahamas.

Of course, boats require maintenance from the wear and tear, but the best part about owning a Neptunus yacht is that Jan (Mr. Neptunus) was always only a phone call away. When I had a service repair person come aboard, they were shocked to hear that I could call Jan who had intimate knowledge of where a screw or fastener is, where every wire was connected, he knew every square inch of the boat and how it was built. If we had to remove something, he would be able to inform us exactly how to do it.

Believe me when I say, when you are somewhere where no repair is available, it sure was peace of mind knowing I could call Jan. I have been first mate on multiple yacht deliveries with Jan and his seamanship and knowledge of running a boat are exemplary."