The fuel tank module for the 2022 Neptunus 650F has been fully assembled and tested, and is now ready for installation in the waiting hull. 

This module is assembled ahead of time and all fuel filters, fuel senders, sight glasses, filler lines and fittings are installed prior to installation in the hull. Prior to install the tanks are fully pressure tested as per ABYC requirements. The tanks are seated on 8 longitudinal frp encased foam stringers, topped with rubber to isolate the tanks from the ships hull. The tank is bolted to the ER main transverse fwd bulkhead. The total capacity of the fuel tanks is 1000 gallons, . At cruise (25knots, 2000 rpm, 80% engine load), the Neptunus 650F has a range of 260 nautical miles. At 8 knots speed, the range increases to 800 nautical miles. The fuel tank module is placed midships and whether full or empty it has no influence on vessel longitudinal trim. Either fuel tank can be filled from either side with high speed 2” fuel fill (20 GPM).