About Us

Neptunus Yachts has a proud tradition of building semi-custom yachts that are rich in style and detail, yet designed for dependability and performance. Neptunus has been building quality yachts in the same shipyard for over 30 years, and has built over 175 yachts during this time.

Neptunus Yachts is Canada's leading manufacturer of luxury motor yachts, with models ranging from 55' to 75'. 

During the last thirty years, our goal has been to ensure that each customer feels their new Neptunus is truly the best yacht they have ever owned. Many Neptunus owners are now on their second or third Neptunus yacht, and some current owners are even on their fourth or fifth Neptunus.

Our passion is to continually evolve our vessels and product line to deliver the absolutely best quality possible, and to support our customers in the enjoyment of their vessels in an extraordinary manner.

2021 represents the sixth year of our commitment to CE Category A - Ocean certification, reflecting our passion for quality and for delivering an unequaled yachting experience. When you purchase a Category A vessel, you know your new yacht meets the highest design standard.

The Neptunus team is staffed with employees who are highly skilled in their trades, and well experienced in the yacht building industry. Our team would be proud to work with you to build a new Neptunus yacht. Check out our customer testimonials and our yachts, then give us a call.

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